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Onshore engineering

Our engineering expertise extends into civil and mechanical engineering. Whether you are looking to develop port facilities - such as spoolbases - by expanding the existing infrastructure; connect offshore with an onshore terminal via operations close to the “beach”, or carry out critical quayside operations, MDL provides the necessary support.

Lifting experts

We specialise in lifting and handling equipment used in quayside operations and onshore production facilities, with our designs tried and tested in harsh offshore conditions. From bespoke design to integration, and from complete Project Management & Engineering to equipment operation - our Integrated Services provide the support you need, tailored to your quayside or facility. We'll help you grow capacity at your existing spoolbase or set up a new base to maximise your opportunities; and our transpooling expertise will assist you in relocating flexibles between production / storage / installation equipment / vessel - ensuring optimal handling under tension and most efficient storage in all cases.

Technical know-how

Our core specialities consist of hydraulic and electric engineering, control systems design and software development – proven through the delivery of our market-leading flexlay equipment fleet. The One Team MDL's comprehensive skillset allows us to find the ideal creative solution that delivers the best value to your business. Our vast technical expertise delivers a wide range of engineering, inspection, maintenance, refurbishment, and mechanical handling services. These include: site lifting plans, inspections and breakdown maintenance, machinery and equipment changeouts, specialised offloading, installations & upgrades, product deployment and asset maintenance solutions and repairs.

Our expertise

With over 20 years of engineering innovation under our belt, MDL provides tailored consultancy, equipment and personnel packages to the engineering sector, with bespoke solutions manufactured to your requirements. We build on decades of outstanding performance and delivery of systems that do the job better, quicker and more safely. Our combined expertise and passion for solving customer challenges optimise your quayside operations and save you time and money in the long run.

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Our in-house project management and engineering experience, coupled with our expert offshore personnel and market-leading equipment, are all you need to safely plan and execute your next onshore operation.

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