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The Why

When an offshore field reaches the end of its economic lifespan, it is time to remove the purpose-built infrastructure - the challenge is to do it safely and cost-efficiently. In contrast to the commissioning of an asset, where the revenue that the investment generates still lies ahead of you, decommissioning at the end of the production cycle can seem like a costly inconvenience. But duty of care calls for appropriate action, without cutting corners - and MDL is here to help.

MDL for decommissioning

As offshore assets and topsides take various forms, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for decommissioning. Due to the high level of risk attached to decom operations, it is essential that they are accompanied by thorough planning and expert project management. Bring us onboard during the early planning stages of your decommissioning scope and we can provide an innovative and efficient turnkey solution, from project engineering to execution. For platform decommissioning projects, we can build your innovation; or we can work with your engineering challenges to deliver the flexlay solution that fits your SURF recovery needs – empowering you with reliable enabling equipment and exceptional people.

Our expertise

We Build Innovation - and decommissioning is no exception. With 20 years of experience in overcoming challenges on lifting and handling operations, we can customise a solution to your precise requirements – even if it is a market first. We offer experienced project management, extensive range of market-leading specialist equipment and expert personnel to support field decommissioning. Every MDL system is designed with ultimate portability in mind, which translates into lower transit costs and quicker mobilisation, saving you time and money at this final stage of your field’s economic lifespan - enabling your business or operations' decarbonisation at lower cost.

End-of-life project? We're here to help.

Our in-house project management and engineering expertise, coupled with our expert offshore personnel and market-leading equipment, are here to support your product or field decommissioning campaign.

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