Vessel Solutions Case Study

Launch and Recovery System refurbishment

Overhaul of A-Frame, HPU, winch and control console


An offshore contractor approached MDL with a request to refurbish various constituents of a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) that had been deployed offshore for several years. The system included an A-frame, hydraulic power unit, winch and control console. In conjunction with the overhaul, the client also required MDL to restore the system to its original design specification due to the various modifications made to the system over the years, as well as to conduct an FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and load test to confirm the system's functionality.

MDL Solution

To guarantee the safety and efficiency of the LARS, MDL updated the electrical components and ensured that they were suitable for use in a Zone 2 hazardous environment. The team also fabricated heel raising brackets for the A-frame which enabled the system to launch a relatively tall ROV, overcoming operational limitations inherent in the original design, further increasing the system's flexibility and functionality. When it came to the reinstatement of the LARS’ standard design, largely generic drawings were available and so MDL combined its engineering and operational expertise across all disciplines to return the system back to its original design specification.


The LARS refurbishment was a OneTeam effort, involving all of MDL’s in-house capabilities: from design, mechanical and hydraulic engineering to fabrication and machining as well as MDL’s electrical department who worked out the specifications of the initial LARS design and made the Zone 2-certification of the Ex-elements possible. MDL successfully carried out the refurbishment scope and despite some delays in the supply of parts by third parties, ensured that the system was ready to take on its next mission in the shortest achievable time.

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