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Looking for something different but not sure where to start? Let our engineering team design the appropriate equipment for your challenge or long-term business goals.

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SURF and Pipe lay Tensioners
3Te to 150Te (2 track or 4 track)

Versatile, portable and compact - Maritime Developments' tensioner range holds the key to safe and efficient flex-lay operations, on land and at sea.

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Cable Lay Tensioners
Electric or hydraulic systems

MDL tensioner range ensures safety and efficiency of cable handling operations - in a compact, road-transportable package.

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Flex-Lay Systems
Fully portable spreads

What’s better than a piece of cost-saving equipment? A whole spread of cost-saving equipment.

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Vertical Lay Systems
Market's first road-transportable VLS

Portability in pipelay gains a new name, with the arrival of the award-winning MDL PVLS.

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Horizontal Lay Systems
Compact and powerful spreads

For a mighty spread in a compact package you need look no further than an MDL Horizontal Lay System.

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Reel Drive Systems
Single or multiple reel drive systems up to 800Te

With Maritime Developments RDS, handling multiple reels becomes a seamless operation, delivering greater returns on shorter mission times.

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Deck Winches
5Te to 40Te deck winches

Nothing speaks more of the marine environment than a deck winch - and with our origins in the fishing industry, we know these systems inside out.

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Overboarding Chutes
Plated and Roller-types

To ensure safe journey of the product between the vessel and the seabed, the overboarding chute comes as an essential part of a horizontal lay spread.

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Deck Radius Controllers
Vertical or Horizontal

Maritime Developments’ deck radius controllers are on standby to smooth out any flex-lay operation.

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Ancillary Products
Equipment to support key operations

The devil’s in the detail, and we’ve been in the business long enough to know ancillaries are much more than just an add-on.

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HPU, EPU & Controls
HPUs, EPUs, Manifold Systems & Control Systems

Even the most state-of-the-art equipment becomes hopeless without integrated, intuitive controls. With mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software engineers in-house, MDL systems will always be in good hands, regardless of who runs them.

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Deployment Systems
Beyond flex lay

Innovation in light well intervention gains a new name – with the arrival of the PDS.

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Flying lead solution

Some transpooling and installation operations require just a simple solution - that is where the Maritime Developments’ turntable steps in.

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Wire Rope Inspection

The future of crane wire inspection is here - and it’s called LiveWire.

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