HPU, EPU & Controls

HPUs, EPUs, Manifold Systems & Control Systems

Even the most state-of-the-art equipment becomes hopeless without integrated, intuitive controls. With mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software engineers in-house, MDL systems will always be in good hands, regardless of who runs them.

Fully integrated hydraulic or electric power units and bespoke user interface on Maritime Developments HPU/EPUs and Controls ensure all operations take place within the preset safe-to-work parameters. That’s putting the operator in the control seat, with all the assistance of auto-pilot features available at their fingertips.


From our design and manufacturing bases, Maritime Developments delivers product handling equipment for global energy projects.

As well as HPUs, Manifold Systems, EPUs and Control Systems, Maritime Developments delivers the full turnkey package of back-deck handling equipment including reel drive systems, overboarding chutes, spoolers, level winders, compensators, and tensioners.