Front End Engineering

Optimised asset performance through concept and FEED studies, project engineering and design and offshore surveys

Extending the lifespan of your assets with expert engineering solutions

We strive to exceed expectations and reliably meet the highest standards so your assets remain resilient and adaptable in the face of evolving challenges.

Concept and FEED studies

Working with you from the outset, our seasoned engineers lay the foundation for your operations' success by establishing your campaign's goals, scope and requirements through concept design studies. We will explore different options, identify risks and challenges, and give you a preliminary cost estimate, providing a clear roadmap for the development of your project.

Meanwhile, our front-end engineering design (FEED) studies delve deeper into the technical engineering and operational aspects of your mission. During this stage, we will carry out detailed engineering and design work, high-level budget and procurement planning, and will provide you with a comprehensive schedule to manage the project's timeline and resources.

Bespoke engineering solutions

Our expert team understands the intricacies of your operations. We work with you in addressing your unique challenges and craft solutions that are aligned with your objectives. From assessing technical feasibility to evaluating economic viability and regulatory compliance, we provide you with a holistic understanding of your operation's potential.

For examples of our bespoke engineering expertise, check out our Newbuild Equipment Case Studies.

Gap Analysis

Managing the performance of your assets effectively requires addressing potential gaps in performance and maintenance that could lead to breakdowns and project delays. By evaluating your current operational practices and equipment reliability, we can identify these gaps and work to minimise the risks.

  • Asset Integrity Management (AIM): We can support your AIM by assessing the condition, reliability and maintenance practices of your critical assets, including spare parts availability, maintenance strategies and lifecycle management.
  • Quality assurance and control: Evaluating your inspection and testing procedures allows us to identify and mitigate potential defects or non-conformities on your behalf, which we can then resolve for you.
  • Technological innovation and advancement: We assess and support the integration of new technologies into your existing systems to improve their efficiency, reduce costs and enhance safety of your operations.

Project engineering and design

MDL's multidisciplinary in-house engineering team comprises of project, structural and design engineers. They devise solutions fully customised to optimise the safety of your operations and your schedules and budgets - providing the best efficiencies available on the market.

Our in-house design and delivery is underpinned by compliance with legal requirements and certification by verified industry bodies. We maintain transparent communication with you throughout every stage, including detailed progress reporting.

  • Concept development and FEED studies for offshore equipment
  • Feasibility studies on known and alternative handling methodologies to identify cost efficiencies, improve safety and optimise schedules
  • Vessel permanent and temporary works design
  • Vessel deck analysis and deck strengthening
  • Comprehensive vessel integration solutions: sea-fastening design, class approval management and structural mobilisation support
  • Integration of services through Package and Project Engineering for upgrades and dry docking or maintenance support
  • Integrated planning approach to procedures and development of offshore work packs
  • Third-party independent review of back-deck equipment sea fastening
  • Lifting equipment design and mechanical handling
  • Hydraulic / electrical design
  • Heave compensation design
  • Load test equipment / jacking equipment design
  • Clamping / skidding system design
  • In-situ maintenance support and troubleshooting

Obsolescence reviews

Through our obsolescence reviews, we proactively identify those components and systems on your producing assets that are at risk of becoming obsolete due to discontinued manufacturing, technology evolution or changes in industry standards.

This allows you to plan your budget more effectively when deciding whether to upgrade and modernise existing equipment. By doing so, you can extend the life of your asset and mitigate the need for a complete replacement in the future. Additionally, our obsolescence reviews allow you to schedule required replacements at the most optimal time.

Offshore surveys and inspections

Offshore surveys and inspections are fundamental pillars of any robust asset maintenance strategy. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, compliance and operational efficiency of your assets.

  • Specialised expertise: Our dedicated team of experts specialises in conducting comprehensive surveys and inspections tailored to the unique needs of each asset.
  • Advanced methodologies: Leveraging advanced technology and industry-leading methodologies, we evaluate structural integrity, equipment performance and adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Actionable insights: We go beyond routine assessments, offering actionable insights and strategic recommendations to optimise your asset's operational efficiency.

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