Flexible Decommissioning

The safest choice for end-of-life project success

We help you find the decommissioning solution that offers you lower transit costs, quicker mobilisation and highest reliability – to keep your operations safe.

No matter where in the world – whether it is the Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia or anywhere in between - our market-leading equipment and ingenious engineering capabilities allow you to optimise your field redevelopment or abandonment.


Project engineering expertise

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to decommissioning. Each project requires a unique plan and every challenge an individual solution. At MDL we are building on decades of hands-on marine experience, deep industry insight and a first-hand understanding of challenges faced on the back deck. Get our expert team involved in the early stages of your project and they will support you throughout the planning process, assist your operations with proactive project management and share their creative ideas to help you maximise your project success.


Peace of mind

Removing existing infrastructure when an offshore field reaches the end of its life can pose many risks, particularly to the environment and your personnel. Fear not; MDL technology not only provides operational efficiency but also redundancy to mitigate any downtime or critical failure, keeping the personnel and the product safe, even when the unexpected occurs. Rest assured that your delicate decommissioning operation is in the best hands with our expert team.


Market-leading equipment

Planning your decommissioning project involves identifying the most efficient, most reliable and safest solution to retrieve the existing offshore infrastructure. That’s where our tried and tested equipment comes in. Built from the ground up with our "first application success" philosophy, the MDL fleet sets the benchmark for safety, innovative design, technical performance, reliability and capability in the flexible handling market.


Solid track record

Our expertise in flexible product handling goes back a long way - over two decades, in fact. We’ve been building our global portfolio since 1999, and with it, our track record of successfully delivered scopes. Drawing on this in-depth knowledge, we are all set to bring your decommissioning operation home - wherever you are in the world.

Learn more about some of the complex SURF and pipe decommissioning projects we have supported.


World of opportunities

Our offshore decommissioning solutions consist of MDL systems, each of which has been designed with ultimate portability in mind. This translates in lower transit costs and quicker mobilisation. But your opportunities extend further when you work with us on bespoke decommissioning solutions to diversify your business. We take your business needs to design a creative approach that will give you an edge - enabling you to stay ahead of the game.

Project snapshot

Balder FPSO SURF decommissioning

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We want to work with you to find the best combination of technology and skillset to help you reduce your decommissioning challenges and reach your decarbonisation goals.

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