Mooring Lay Packages

Alternative approach with vessels of opportunity

MDL back-deck equipment offers an alternative cost-effective solution for moorings installation.

From polyester lines to steel wire rope; and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Indian Ocean, our flex-lay spreads - combined with a readily-available "bare back deck" - result in a leaner approach to conventional mooring installation and recovery methods.


Optimised execution

MDL mooring management services include our superior technology which ensures optimal handling with precise parameters as well as integration of systems, automation, and controls. On top of that we prioritise “desktop” engineering for maximum efficiency. This way, the solution designed by MDL minimises idle periods during your time-sensitive operations.


Reduced mobilisation and transits

Designed with vessels of opportunity in mind, the MDL equipment range is highly portable and quick to mobilise on any vessel. Our market-leading fleet of equipment is fit for purpose and engineered to a global standard. It sets the industry benchmark for innovative design, reliability and capability on all flex lay applications and can be optimally integrated with one another as well as third-party systems. All of this translates in vessel days saved, leading to cost reductions that won't go unnoticed.


Less risk

With 20 years of flex-lay expertise under our belt and many successful mooring projects to draw on, our personnel are committed to bringing your critical offshore operations over the line safely and efficiently. Not only are they highly qualified to install your mooring lines - they also keep a watchful eye to identify and resolve any hazards that may appear - as quickly as possible, adding an extra level of reassurance to your mooring campaign.


Greener approach

At MDL we focus on developing a greener approach to your offshore operations. Minimised port calls and shorter offshore execution times reduce the impact on the environment. Did you know that some mooring campaigns can even be performed in a single offshore trip?

Let us show you how.


Onshore testing

If you’re looking for some extra peace of mind, try our onshore testing of your product sample before starting the offshore mooring project. Using our purpose-built FAT testing facility in Peterhead, which replicates marine conditions, we ensure that the equipment is set up correctly and will perform as expected both in terms of hardware and software configuration before we deliver it to your site. This way you can rest assured that potential risks during your mooring installation are minimised.

Project snapshot

Deepwater polyester mooring lines installation

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