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Life of Field

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New life of field

Are you developing a new offshore field and exploring the best methodologies for moorings and SURF? Whether the project is still in the appraisal stage or you have advanced to the development phase, MDL is here to support you. From front-end project engineering, to design, equipment supply, and installation, we are your enabling partner.

Mid-life of field

During the main operating phase of the offshore field, you will be focused on achieving and maintaining your production targets. To optimise your offshore field’s performance when it is past its peak operating period, you may consider tie-backs. Tie-backs are an economic solution that allows you to connect new subsea wellheads to your existing processing facilities and enables you to generate additional production value. Another factor of ageing fields is equipment downtime. Minimise the pain with our seasoned team of expert personnel who can assist you with all your Asset Maintenance & Engineering needs. They take care of the inspection, maintenance and repair of your offshore assets for maximum life extension.

Late life of field

When it is time to abandon the offshore field because the final lease has expired, or because it has reached the end of its economic lifespan, we can assist you with field decommissioning operations. The associated risks and potential hazards make a high degree of planning essential. Our expert personnel are your trusted partners for project engineering as well as offshore execution.

MDL for Life of Field operations

Our market-leading fleet of equipment creates the back-deck packages with the technical performance, reliability and safety that will power your success. Whether it is building an innovation that will be your game-changer, or assembling a package from our offshore service range that fits your business - the reliability and quality of our kit is second to none. Combine this with our outstanding team of experienced and down-to-earth individuals, and under one roof we offer the engineering solutions that optimise your schedules and budgets and extend asset value. For exceptional equipment and personnel, look for the MDL badge.

Our expertise

With over 20 years of engineering innovation under our belt, MDL provides tailored consultancy, equipment and personnel packages for the global energy sector. Our reputation is built on decades of outstanding performance and delivering success for our clients. We are engineers at heart and we design equipment that does the job better, quicker and more safely. This combined expertise and passion will be the key factors in optimising the efficiency of your offshore field – no matter the stage of its operational lifecycle.

A project of firsts? We're here to help.

Our in-house project management and engineering expertise, coupled with our expert offshore personnel and market-leading equipment, are all you need to safely plan and execute a pioneering campaign.

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