Cable-lay Case Study

Cable installation offshore Mexico

A new way to cable lay in the Gulf


This cable installation project was unique, as it carried a lot of firsts for the energy industry in Mexico: it was the first time that a completely modular and portable flex-lay spread would be used for this sort of operation in the country, instead of using a dedicated cable-lay vessel. It was also to be the first major installation project for Sapura Energy in Mexico - as well as the first foreign oil company asset (Eni) to be installed in the country.

MDL Solution

MDL undertook its first shallow-water cable lay offshore Mexico using a portable spread mobilised on a vessel of opportunity. Featuring the MDL TTS-2/140 Series Tensioner, the spread was used for the installation of a 25mm fibre optic cable.


The deployment of the MDL solution meant the project did not require a specialist installation vessel, making the operation much more cost effective - and rendering the country's project of firsts a success.

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