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The Why

Drawing on MDL’s decades of experience in the energy sector, combined with our innovative capabilities and drive to constantly challenge everything – including ourselves – we are equipped with powerful assets to help you lead the energy transition. Alongside our existing portfolio, which can be applied to renewable energy operations such as construction or maintenance, as well as our extensive quayside Project Management expertise, we also provide bespoke and innovative solutions and engineering support for more complex challenges - to help you grasp new opportunities and reduce risk.

MDL for Renewables

Are you looking to progress an offshore development in a tight market where access to specialist tools is limited? With MDL you can convert a locally-available vessel to lay inter-arrays, export cables and mooring lines. Or maybe you need to quickly replace a damaged section of cable - this is where our transpooling expertise comes in. Backed up by over two decades of Project Management & Engineering expertise and extensive track record in quayside operations, we will take care of your precious flexible product: from production, through relocation offshore, to subsea installation.

Our expertise

We deliver lifting and specialist handling equipment ideally suited for floating assets and onshore production facilities. The reliability and quality of our kit is second to none, but it’s the ingenuity of our design that gives you the edge. Over 20 years of experience in the wider energy and industrial sectors has built our in-house ability to customise an approach to your precise requirements in the renewables space - even if it is a market first. From upgrading production facilities, to quayside support and marshalling, to performing installation and replacements using market-leading technology renowned for its safety features. Get in touch with our experienced and forward-thinking team to find out how we can help.

A project of firsts? We're here to help.

Our in-house project management and engineering experience, coupled with our expert offshore personnel and market-leading equipment, are all you need to safely plan and execute a pioneering campaign.

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