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Modular Load-Out System

Optimised long pipe handling and storage


One of MDL's long-standing clients had a requirement for an onshore pipe spooling solution with a large storage capacity. The challenge was the location: in order to optimise the efficiency of their pipe handling activities, they were looking to place the solution closer to their upcoming campaign - which was, however, in a different hemisphere from their existing spoolbase.

MDL Approach

In response to the client's brief, MDL developed the Land Based Load-Out System, encompassing multiple carousels - providing ample storage for the pipe - as well as a bespoke high-capacity tensioner, providing 150-tonne of pull force in a single unit - essential due the rigid nature and large quantity of the product.

MDL Solution

The standout feature of the design is the innovative loading tower: by enabling the bespoke tensioner to move both vertically and horizontally, the complete package maximises the storage capacity of the multiple carousels by ensuring optimal packing of the product. The modular design of the loading equipment also means the spread can be efficiently set up in the most optimum location for handling the product from or onto a vessel.

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