Vessel Solutions Case Study

Aft Recovery System

Portable assembly for Brazilian pipelayers


Subsea 7 - one of MDL's long-standing clients - identified a requirement for a new recovery system to support their Brazilian pipelay operations. They needed a versatile assembly that could be deployed on their pipelay support vessels operating in deepwater.

MDL Solution

To address this requirement, MDL developed a bespoke Aft Recovery System comprising a chute, a buoyancy module removal device, and a horizontal hang-off system. The system is capable of handling a range of product diameters while minimising stress on the flexible and avoiding crushing of the buoyancy modules. It can be mounted in different locations on the stern of a vessel and securely fastened to the deck using sea-fastening brackets. With an inboard angle that extends over 90 degrees, MDL's design eliminates the need for a crane when manoeuvring the buoyancy modules. Additionally, the system incorporates a bolted connection for quick release, enabling rapid mobilisation.


MDL's in-house engineering team tailored the Aft Recovery System to the client's specific requirements, leveraging its integrated service portfolio from design to delivery. This streamlined approach resulted in cost savings in the form of a versatile system which is ready to become a powerful enabler for Subsea 7's pipe laying operations in Brazil.

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