Overboarding Chutes

Plated and Roller-types

To ensure safe journey of the product between the vessel and the seabed, the overboarding chute comes as an essential part of a horizontal lay spread.

Manufactured to the client and project requirements, Maritime Developments’ chutes can feature a low-friction plate running surface or a roller configuration, detailed to suit the preferred product range.

With proven designs for both types of chutes, the MDL solution makes sure the integrity of the product is never compromised - just like the rest of our product handling range.


From our design and manufacturing bases, Maritime Developments delivers product handling equipment for global energy projects.

As well as overboarding chutes, Maritime Developments delivers the full turnkey package of back-deck handling equipment including reel drive systems, pipelay tensioners, spoolers, level winders, compensators and control systems.

Design Considerations

  • Type of vessel / operating conditions
  • Deck layout
  • Installation / recovery loads
  • Product MBR (minimum bend radius)
  • Product outer sheath material