Cable Lay Packages

From fibre optics to inter arrays

We have the right tools in the toolbox to help you convert your back deck into a safe cable lay solution.

Starting with market-leading portable equipment, combined with the support of our in-house engineering expertise, MDL can tailor a spread and layout to your precise needs - minimising the hazards associated with cable handling and offshore installation.


De-risking with experts

With over 20 years of transferrable flex-lay expertise, PM&E, and our offshore personnel’s experience under our belt, we know these operations inside out and are ready to apply our wealth of extensive knowledge to your cable lay project. We understand what is needed to de-risk your cable installation and provide you with a single interface to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently – so you can sleep peacefully at night.


Cable protection

The benefits of using our modern technology are abundant. Not only does our lay equipment deliver improved handling capacity with adjustable grip and precise squeeze on the cable, automated via advanced PLC software; it also offers additional cable protection through unparalleled safety features - like MDL's failsafe grip technology and self-centring track system, that prevent loss of product in critical situations.


Portable enabler

The integrated and compact design of our equipment allows for quick mobilisation and demobilisation and a reduced footprint. This means you can opt for a smaller back deck or perform more scopes during a single offshore campaign. Plus, the equipment is portable and road-transportable, allowing you to deploy it swiftly anywhere in the world. This guarantees a more efficient use of your time and translates into further cost efficiencies.


Ready-made solution

Our tried and tested portable equipment can be applied to your specific project requirements – from onshore spooling operations to offshore lay or recovery. Open yourself up to a wealth of possibilities with our versatile systems and proven cable lay track record, by using a bare deck vessel from your own fleet or one readily available in the market.


Onshore testing

If you’re looking for some extra peace of mind, try our onshore testing of your product sample before starting the offshore cable lay project. Using our purpose-built FAT testing facility in Peterhead, which replicates marine conditions, we ensure that the equipment is set up correctly and will perform as expected both in terms of hardware and software configuration before we deliver it to your site. This way you can rest assured that potential risks during your mooring installation are minimised.

Your success is what makes us thrive.

We want to work with you on finding the best combination of technology and skillset to help you win more projects, and maximise the returns.

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