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Turntable Cassettes

Bespoke cassettes for specialist products


A Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) manufacturer approached MDL with a requirement for a storage, transportation and transpooling solution for their specialist product. The TCP could only be spooled on in a single layer, with no overlap of product lengths or sections spooled on top of one another. MDL was familiar with the TCP, having previously worked with this client on the delivery of a bespoke Product Deployment System - designed to the pipe's specification.

MDL Solution

The MDL solution consisted of a custom-designed pallet to maintain the TCP's MBR (maximum bend radius), with a height to suit a 2x product packing arrangement. The pallet height and outer flange diameter had been optimised for the combined lengths of the 2x product lengths to allow for the single layer spooling. The custom pallet assembly was split into 6 main boltable sections to allow convenient road transport. The pallet was designed to interface with a standalone turntable delivering 2.2Te of spooling tension up to a height of 2.8m. We completed the delivery with Besides the TCP, MDL has previously designed cassettes tailored to the requirements of MEG lines and hydraulic flying leads.

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