We Are MDL

Our Core Values

Our Mission

To be the global leader in the delivery of alternative engineering solutions, which are inspired by creativity, driven by people and add value by solving challenges faced by our customers.

Driven by people

We believe in and want great success for our customers, our people and our business. We have energy, drive and a real hunger to progress and make things better than they are today.

Challenge everything

We’re big-eyed and our ethos is to question how we improve the way things are done. We challenge our products, our processes and our personnel to be better every day, while protecting the people and environments we come into contact with. This creates a culture of safety and innovation in equal measure within our company.

This is our edge.

Forward thinking

We use the heartbeat of the industry to focus our energy where it matters - developing equipment for the future, today. This keeps our products ahead of the game, and makes our clients look good.

Keep it real

At the heart of our business is a group of down-to-earth, trustworthy individuals who respect each other and those around us. We talk honestly, directly and never fluff things up.

Our promise to customers

We will solve your engineering challenges, delivering quality and value with the creative and flexible thinking that anticipates your business needs.

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