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Portable Vertical Lay Ramp

Portable solution for rigid and flex lay


A client in the USA was looking for a portable and modular lay system to enable their national fleet. The system had to be suitable both for handling flexible and rigid products, giving the client the most advanced and cost-effective solution to enable Jones Act compliant vessels.

MDL Approach

MDL's unique Portable Vertical Lay System was the base case for this super-versatile solution. Through multiple meetings and discussions with the client on the required capabilities of the system - and the vessel's back deck capacity - MDL designed the Portable Vertical Lay Ramp (PVLR) featuring a single tower setup which is capable of both flexible and rigid lay functionality.

MDL Innovation

The integrated tower can be deployed in a SURF mode when mobilised with an adjustable top chute, or converted for rigid lay with a caterpillar-track ramp and tensioner assembly. In rigid configuration, the ramp can tilt to facilitate shallow water departure angles. The PVLR can be configured over a vessel's moonpool, over the side or over the stern and has been designed as modular construction to optimise portability for international shipping or road transportation.

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