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Product Deployment System

Deployment and retrieval of air injection line


MDL was approached to design and manufacture a technical and cost-efficient solution to aid deployment and retrieval of an air injection line. The injection line was to be piggy-backed onto another product, which would be deployed in sections; while the injection line was to be deployed in continuous length from a reeled system, with the capability of an air connection through a swivel joint to the reel. An additional challenge was that the handling system was to be located some distance away from the moonpool area on deck.

MDL Approach

MDL took its innovative Product Deployment System as a base design for the new solution. The compact system consists of an integrated reel, housed within a structural frame allowing for secure storage of the product when not in use. The reel is driven by motors to facilitate deployment and retrieval of the product. For long-distance installation, the system would be provided with a standalone overboarding chute with diablo rollers, complete with rigging for hanging the assembly, to route the injection line from the reel through 90º over the vessel's moonpool. The reel could be provided as a portable system which could be broken down for road transport and re-assembled on the quayside, before being lifting onboard ready for operation.

MDL Innovation

The Air Injection PDS consists for a reel suitable for storing up to 2,500m of flexible pipe, situated within a semi-enclosed frame. It is designed to allow connection of the first end into the drum followed by spooling of the remaining product onto the reel via slew rings. The drive assembly can rotate a fully-loaded reel with the required fail-safe braking incorporated. A hydraulically-driven spooling unit, situated on the top edge of the framework, facilitates controlled and accurate product packing on the reel. A remote Walk About Box (WAB) gives the operator full line of sight at all times.

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