December 2020

Supporting PiP delivery

MDL has delivered a comprehensive support package for pipe-in-pipe operations at a client’s spoolbase facility in Norway.

The package of work covered maintenance and upgrades to the client’s facility for electrical heat-traced pipe- in-pipe (PiP); as well as personnel support for carrying out critical operations.

The upgrade scope included software updates on the master item in the facility, the 150-tonne 2-track tensioner, to achieve additional functionality, improved data logging and increased user access safety.

The MDL in-house team had designed, delivered and commissioned the tensioner at the company’s Peterhead base in late 2018, followed by supporting the installation of the system in Norway and integration with other spoolbase equipment, including the cable spiralling machine. MDL was also responsible for the design, manufacture and testing of an integrated safety and communication system, consisting of 5 “traffic light” stations, controlling the safe operation and movement of the production line equipment.

In the latest work scope, additional upgrades to the spoolbase included provision of a CCTV system for live monitoring; side rollers for horizontal containment and guidance of the product into the tensioner tracks and a pipe brush solution for cleaning off any residual debris on the product.

All of the elements were integrated with the existing systems and tested by MDL on location.

Following the upgrade, MDL expert personnel operated the tensioner during the pipe production activities.

Stephen McCaldin, Tendering Manager at MDL said:

“This multi-tier project was for one of our oldest clients and we are pleased that we can continue to support them with bespoke equipment, tailored services and expert personnel.

“That is of course possible because of our complete capabilities in-house to oversee the full lifespan of an asset: from design and build, to commissioning, operation as well as maintenance and upgrades to adapt it to new challenges.

“In the case of this project, the state-of-the-art MDL control systems allowed for subsequent upgrades to be written, tested and remotely implemented before thorough on-site testing – a perfect example of our commitment to efficiency and added value right from the planning stage.

“Without a doubt, using the equipment’s delivery team to then integrate and operate the system also ensured execution within schedule of the pipeline production timescales, with the additional upside of hands-on personnel training for the client’s team.

“We hope to continue this long-standing relationship with the client by adding value to their future operations – those on land and at sea.”