January 2018

Hitting the 150Te mark

Less than a year since the delivery of its largest tensioner yet, MDL is working to grow its 4-track offering further – even bigger than before.

Currently under construction by the company’s in-house project department, the TTS-4/375 Series Tensioner will be the first system in MDL portfolio to cater for flexible and rigid lay requiring up to 150-tonne line pull.

Featuring a 5.5m track length and cylindrical design, the system will offer a more compact solution than a dual-tensioner system currently available on the market. It will be suitable for a variety of projects, including delicate product handling and beach-pull operations.

Lighter than its existing counterparts, the tensioner will also be the first system of its kind to be fully road-transportable in modules, eliminating the need for a dedicated vessel transit to the mobilisation port – delivering huge project savings from the get-go.

It will retain the key features that make the MDL range the safest in their field, including the MDL failsafe grip system, which eliminates single-point failure such as burst hoses or blackouts, and dual-grip monitoring through
load cells and transducers, ensuring the product is always handled in the most optimum conditions.

The TTS-4/375 will be suitable for both horizontal and vertical lay projects, and will be available for global operations as part of the MDL Offshore Service fleet.