Transpooling Case Study

Riser transpooling: safe disposal of unwanted costs

Recycling and reintroduction into the supply chain


An independent UK offshore operator found themselves grappling with a water injection riser lying dormant in storage, leading to escalating costs that exceeded the product's actual value. The client was urgently seeking a solution to avoid further financial strain caused by this idle product.

MDL Solution

MDL tackled this challenge by firstly conducting thorough pre-cutting checks, during which the team discovered that the riser was filled with a water/MEG mix. Undeterred by this obstacle, MDL implemented a safe draining, purging, and disposal strategy for the fluids found inside the riser. Once this hurdle had been overcome, One Team MDL leveraged its extensive transpooling expertise to unspool the riser before cutting it into manageable pieces. The segmented riser was then safely disposed of and reintroduced into the supply chain through appropriate waste management processes.


By unspooling the riser and cutting it into smaller pieces, not only were storage costs minimised, but the materials were also primed for repurposing and reuse within the supply chain. The successful implementation of this solution turned the tide for the offshore client and demonstrated One Team MDL's commitment to sustainability and safe offshore SURF retrieval solutions.

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