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MDL CleanCut

Self-contained conductor decommissioning tool


MDL Engineering identified a need among UKCS field operators to improve the efficiency of decommissioning of North Sea platforms, specifically, the process of retrieving conductors and caissons from the seabed, separated from the jacket.

MDL Approach

The team set off to work on an integrated package that would utilise MDL's proven pipe-handling technology for this new application. This approach set out a cost-efficient solution applying technology already present in the market and proven in anger, ensuring the innovative approach would be safe from first application.

MDL Innovation

The result was MDL CleanCut: a fully integrated, self-sufficient system that can transit to a defunct platform by any vessel with a crane - which is then used to mobilise the system on the topside. With its own generator and water supply, the system allows for lifting, cleaning, cutting and storing of 12m lengths of caissons or conductors into convenient storage racks for easy transport to shore - all an automated process, employing MDL's Failsafe Grip System technology, RDS track system methodology for platforms with multiple wellheads and wireless Walk About Box for remote operations keeping the personnel in the most optimum position but safe from harm.

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