September 2015

Maritime Developments' first PVLS sets sail

Maritime Developments’ first portable vertical lay system (PVLS) has set off on its first mission as part of a complete flex-lay package for a global offshore contractor.

The 75-tonne system will support the installation of risers and flowlines in a major North Sea development throughout 2015/16. It will work as part of an integrated MaritimeDevelopments spread consisting of a 4-track tensioner and a 350-tonne multiple reel drive system (RDS), as well as horizontal and vertical deck deflectors.

“In recent months we have been speaking to our existing and potential clients across the globe about cost-saving options and our portfolio of product handling equipment, in particular our portable vertical lay system,” said Derek Smith, Maritime Developments CEO.

“The response we received has been very positive. Our proposed solutions worked as an eye-opener to our commercial and technical audience on the potential returns from using equipment that is smarter, quicker to mobilise and takes up less space.”

Maritime Developments PVLS is a portable system used to transport flexible products from carousels or reels to a vertical orientation so that they can be installed over the side of a vessel or through the moon pool.

Thanks to its movable chute, which can fleet by up to 30 degrees, products can be fed into the PVLS from different locations on or below the deck.

The system’s functionality is further increased by a 10-tonne initiation winch, two 5-tonne tugger winches and two 5-tonne trolley hoists on retractable runway beams through the centre of the tower to aid installation of buoyancy modules and ancillary equipment.

The 75-tonne system will be initially run with Maritime Developments’ 50-tonne 4-track tensioner, which forms part of the company’s fleet of flexlay equipment. The patented solution features a unique design allowing two track doors to open when in vertical orientation, minimising the potential damage to the product during handling.

“Our PVLS has met with huge industry interest globally thanks to its unique features that save the operator time and money,” Smith said.

“The modular design, operability over the stern or side of a vessel and integrated control systems within the body of the tower have been estimated to significantly reduce vessel days offshore and downtime during mobilisation and demobilisation.

“On top of that, the fact that the solution can be broken down quickly for road transport and reassembled at the quayside in a matter of days has proven extremely popular with our international customers who see the potential of using this single piece of equipment on their global operations.

“Together with our third-generation reel drive system and 4-track tensioner, this package offers an unparalleled value in terms of the overall mission time and therefore project costs.”

Watch the PVLS’ one-lift mobilisation in this short video: