April 2015

Latest reel drive system steals the spotlight

The latest addition to Maritime Developments’ portfolio of reel drive systems (RDS) was bound to brighten up even the gloomiest Peterhead day.

Taking centre stage at the company’s revamped commissioning yard - which recently had new concrete floor laid - the two red towers formed a 400-tonne system for a major offshore contractor.

This was the company’s fifth system delivered since the product’s launch in 2013. It will be deployed on its first job in April.

The five systems delivered so far include Maritime Developments’ unit, which has already been used on five North See multi-reel installation projects.

Key features of Maritime Developments’ reel drive system include automatic fail-safe clamps, as well as an automated raising and lowering system which negates working at height. It is also road transportable and can be reassembled on the quayside.

Available in 400-tonne and 500-tonne specification, the system monitors torque on the reel ensuring that it is operated within its design limits and giving customers peace of mind to the line tension applied to the product.

“We are delighted to have successfully delivered a fifth reel drive system for an international offshore contractor,” said Mike Gaskin, commercial director at Maritime Developments.

“This highlights the capability of our team to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of major industry players. We are looking to add another reel drive to our equipment fleet this summer to address the growing industry demand for the solution.”