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From effective lift plans, to safe mechanical handling procedures, proactive maintenance strategies and swift equipment repairs in situ, MDL is committed to enhancing the performance of your offshore assets.

Equipment, operations and project management

The MDL Engineering team has accreditation with IMechE, IET, IMarEST at chartered level, and is experienced in delivering complete scopes of work from office-based studies, to on-site execution and the delivery of equipment and services globally.

The team oversees project and package management for onshore and offshore operations, with key responsibilities of specifying the engineering requirements, deliverables and overseeing execution through interfacing with all key stakeholders.

Additionally, they support asset owners in identifying the most efficient ways to safely extend the life of their lifting and pulling equipment.

  • Detailed commissioning, testing and operating procedures
  • Technical risk evaluation (FMECA, PUWER, LOLER etc)
  • Chairing HAZID, HAZOP and HIRA
  • Lift planning and method statements
  • Detailed operations and maintenance manuals / task plans
  • Management of vessel mobilisation / demobilisation at quayside and onsite engineering support

Lift plans and mechanical handling strategies

Building on an extensive track record of lifting expertise, we know the risks involved in these operations inside out. That's why reducing manual handling to maximise safety is our top priority. From assessing load capacities to determining the most suitable lifting equipment, we collaborate closely with you to devise thorough lift plans and mechanical handlling strategies, covering all aspects of the operation.


At MDL, we harness the power of storyboarding to precisely map out each stage of your offshore operation: from installation and maintenance to decommissioning.

To visualise your operations, we craft detailed storyboards that illustrate key tasks, safety protocols and logistical considerations. This allows us to identify potential hazards, optimise your workflows and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Proactive asset maintenance

The success of your offshore operations hinges on the reliability and efficiency of your assets that are constantly exposed to harsh environments. To minimise the risks, we recommend you implement a proactive maintenance strategy.

This involves regular inspection and testing of critical equipment to identify and address potential issues before they lead to equipment failures or downtime. MDL hones a track record in performing routine asset maintenance in accordance with industry standards, such as annual surveys and 5-yearly inspections.

By performing structural assessments and corrosion control, we can identify and remedy any decay and degradation to your offshore structures - whenever possible as “desktop engineering” to minimise your POB.

Learn more about proactive maintenance strategies.

Report of thorough examination

Comprehensive and accurate reports of thorough examination provide critical insights into the health and performance of your offshore infrastructure. This information allows us to work with you to ensure its integrity and reliability for years to come.

Our reports will cover any signs of wear, damage or deterioration, and provide actionable recommendations for maintenance or remediation.

Through this documentation, we empower you to make informed decisions regarding your asset's integrity management, prioritising resources where they are needed most and minimising the risk of unexpected failures or downtime.

Equipment repairs in-situ

Equipment breakdowns can bring operations to a standstill, leading to costly delays, missed deadlines and compromised project schedules.

We recognise the significant impact that these setbacks can have on your bottom line and apply our expert knowledge for prompt rectification.

Whether you are dealing with a malfunctioning winch chain stopper, a hydraulic fault on your platform crane's main hoist, or any other marine equipment concern, our multi-skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of issues directly on-site, ensuring minimal interruption to your operations.

To get your asset back up and running in the shortest time possible and allow you to resume normal operations, trust the experts at One Team MDL.

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