Deck Radius Controller

The DRC-35 Deck Radius Controller guides flexible pipe (product) from below deck into a VLS top chute. The unit is adjustable for forward and aft mounted carousels.

The function of the DRC-5.4 Deck Radius Controller (DRC) is to guide a flexible pipe as it leaves the spooler under deck and directs it to the tower. It is adjustable to cope with the orientation of the spooler regarding the usage of the forward or aft carousel.

Component Parts

Support legs with angular adjustment
Hydraulically adjustable advised guide

Services Required

Hydraulic supply
Pressure: 300 Bar
Flow: 160 Litres/Min


5.5m x 7.1m x11.5m (LxBxH)

Total weight :19Te


Product load
Max nominal line pull – 24Te
Max extreme line pull – 35Te

Product diameters
Min outer diameter – 50mm
Max outer diameter – 600mm

Bending radius
Bending radius for min product OD – 5400mm
Bending radius for max product OD – 5400mm

Drc 01