June 2023

Supporting DOF in Australia lay

MDL has supported DOF on a flexible installation project in Bass Strait, Australia.

The package of support covered provision of mission enabling equipment and experienced field service personnel, together with tailored Project Management & Engineering services.

These covered the complete mobilisation of two MDL spreads on board the Skandi Acergy in Peterhead, including sea fastening on-site welding, as well as manufacture of an inclined grillage for the tensioner, carousel loading chute, HLS grillage, two flying lead deployment frames and hang-off collars.

The first spread consisted of a Generation 2 Reel Drive System, deck deflectors in a 200º formation and 6-tonne 2-track tensioner on the bespoke grillage. It was used for the transpooling of umbilicals and flowlines from a total of 10 Coflexip reels between 8.6m and 10.6m diameter onto the under-deck carousel.

The benefit of using an MDL RDS for this scope was the automation of the hub drive which did not require manual repositioning or additional packers in order to stroke between the different diameter reels.

The operations were carried out in Hartlepool and Newcastle - here the RDS and 2-track tensioner were demobilised, for return to Peterhead by road transport.

The vessel then transited to Western Australia to perform the installation from the under-deck carousel, using an MDL Horizontal Lay System with a 51-tonne 4-track tensioner and a bespoke tulip centraliser assembly for optimal product deployment. The spread was operated by MDL’s expert field service personnel.

Craig Wilson, Senior Project Manager at DOF, said:

“As well as delivering fast-tracked fabrication packages on budget and on time, all MDL back-deck equipment was mobilised and operated as promised and without any issues.”

Michael Blease-Shepley, MDL Global VP of Business Development, said:

“MDL has a track record of delivering successful projects for DOF over a number of years, spanning decommissioning projects in the North Sea and lay scopes across West Africa. This latest project has extended our geographical reach all the way to Australia – our first SURF project in this region, but most certainly not our last!

“I believe that the approach taken by DOF proves that the combination of their agile fleet and our portable back-deck technology can enable efficient field development worldwide, protecting the schedule and budget.

“Thanks to our complete technical and engineering capabilities in-house, we can design the most optimal spread to each product, project location and vessel geometry, by recommending the most suitable systems from our versatile range and the appropriate deck layout.

“The fact that we can visualise the story boards with 3D renders eliminates the guess work and gives all parties a clear understanding of the project methodology.

“If the last couple of years are anything to go by, I am very excited for what the future holds for us supporting DOF. I’m certain together we can unlock new opportunities for global operators and developers across the various energy sectors.”