March 2023

MDL supports DOF offshore Gabon

MDL has supported DOF Subsea on a field redevelopment scope offshore Gabon.

A complete MDL flex-lay spread, consisting of a Horizontal Lay System (HLS) with the TTS-4/140 Series Tensioner, and a Generation 3 Reel Drive System, was mobilised on the Skandi Constructor.

The scope covered recovery and installation of umbilicals and flexibles as part of an FPSO replacement with an FSO. The project was part of the field’s infrastructure upgrade, aiming to reduce operational costs while increasing storage capacity and contributing to the extension of the field’s producing life.

The flexible products were handled through the vessel’s moonpool, enabled by the MDL HLS. The highly compact system allowed for efficient mid-line connections, by allowing safe and convenient hang-off for the products’ end terminations.

The multi-product project benefitted from MDL Integrated Track & Cradle System which enabled efficient handling and transit of the 4 reels.

The integration of reel cradles and lashing points within the RDS track system itself facilitated quick mobilisation and demobilisation of the reels, as it eliminated the requirement for welding down cradles and reduced the requirement for pad eyes on the vessel’s deck. The RDS was used to sea-fasten the first reel, removing the need for lashings on that reel.

As part of the scope, MDL also delivered the full sea-fastening design for the client’s back deck and provided all sea-fastening materials and fabrication support to complete the mobilisation.

Euan Crichton, Project Manager at MDL said:

“This was an exciting project for MDL, partly due to the new location which further grows our West Africa track record, but also because of the short timescales the client was working to.

“For the Skandi Constructor our compact systems proved to be the optimal solution. The HLS, tensioner and Generation 3 RDS make up a highly capable spread, enabling multi-reel installations over the moonpool, which was the only lay option available on this back deck due to the space constraints.

“We are continuing our support to DOF in various global locations, configuring bespoke equipment spreads suitable to their vessels. So far, the open communications between the two companies have helped us zero in on the most efficient approaches to lay and retrieval scopes, to deliver maximum value."