January 2024

Ensuring peak performance for FPSO and platform owners in 2024

Bespoke maintenance solutions, predictive insights and continuous improvements for the smooth operation of your offshore assets.

As we step into 2024 the maritime challenges you face aren't slowing down. Adverse weather conditions, tight maintenance deadlines and budget constraints remain factors that create turbulent waters to navigate especially around FPSOs and offshore platforms which are pivotal assets in our industry.

They operate in some of the most challenging conditions in which structural components are subjected to extreme stresses and corrosive elements, leading to degradation and wear over time. As a result, the reliability of the critical equipment onboard your producing asset may be compromised, increasing the likelihood of unexpected failures. Considering all of this, it comes as no surprise that a significant contributor to ongoing offshore accidents is compromised asset integrity.

Asset Integrity Management goes beyond merely replacing outdated equipment or repairing failing components. When executed effectively, it acts as your proactive shield against breakdowns and an ally in extending the lifespan of your assets. This approach opens up your time and budget whilst empowering your operations to thrive.

In this blog, we will share with you some key points to consider when aiming to leverage the full strength of asset maintenance for your offshore assets’ longevity:

  1. Tailored maintenance strategies for your offshore asset

    Every offshore asset has its own set of operational requirements. When it comes to addressing these, tailoring the maintenance solution to align with your specific needs is crucial. This can come in the shape of simple repairs, more complex works such as upgrading or reverse engineering your obsolete or compromised equipment, or the development of a customised maintenance plan.

    For optimal preparation, we recommend implementing a mix of predictive and preventive maintenance strategies. Specifically predictive maintenance, facilitated by advanced technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and data analytics, allows for the detection of potential issues before they escalate. This can help you plan your maintenance activities effectively to reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency.

  2. Utilisation of advanced technologies onboard your platform or FPSO

    One way of integrating these advanced technologies into your asset maintenance strategy is through AI-driven analytics or a robust computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) that streamlines your maintenance workflow by centralising data, scheduling tasks and optimising resource allocation.

    A well-designed CMMS will empower your team in equal measure with real-time insights, as well as historical data analysis and work order management. As a result, enabling precise monitoring, quicker inspections and accurate data-driven decision-making - leading to improved health of your asset and reduced operational risks.

  3. Offshore workforce development and training

    While keeping up-to-date with the latest technology is important, the success of your asset maintenance regime ultimately hinges on the competence and proficiency of your workforce.

    In the remote expanses of maritime locations where offshore structures operate, field service personnel tackle complex tasks that tend to carry various levels of risk. This risk increases when there is no uniform approach to personnel preparation and training.

    Providing comprehensive training - executed by experts in the respective operations - will ensure your personnel will have a deep understanding of the equipment deployed on your offshore asset as well as safety protocols, emergency procedures and hazard management. All of this equips them with the knowledge and skills to operate the machinery with confidence.

    Establishing the required safety procedures not only safeguards your offshore workers, the environment, and the asset itself but also serves to mitigate risks associated with non-compliance. This, in turn, communicates to other stakeholders that you are a responsible and reliable partner, committed to safety and operational excellence.

In the ever-evolving maritime landscape, adaptability and continuous improvement are fundamental. Elevating your asset maintenance regime by integrating advanced technologies like a CMMS and ensuring your team receives training of the highest standard are efforts that contribute not only to bolstering the safety protocols onboard your productive asset but also boost its operational reliability and longevity.

The list of considerations to achieving this may seem daunting but that is not the case when you have a trusted maintenance partner on your side, backed by an extensive hands-on expertise.

At MDL, we offer comprehensive support, including:

With over 20 years of MDL innovation and project management excellence, unwavering safety standards and our dedication to challenging everything and improving the status quo, we are dedicated to helping you navigate your maintenance needs and elevate your offshore performance in 2024 and beyond.