Turning Frame or Deflector

The HDF-4.4/10 is a turning frame/deflector that is supplied in 45-degree segments.

The segments can be joined together to provide a 360-degree deflector and has a maximum linepull of 10Te.

The unit comprises of a series of vertical rollers with a removable horizontal guide at the top to ensure that the product is captured and does not lift out the unit under tension. The units have dedicated lifting points and individual 45-degree units can be bolted together to provide a larger angle unit.


3.2m x 1.85m x 1.8m (LxBxH)


Radius of unit
4.4m, smaller radius units can be supplied on request.

Tension capacity

Note: Properties are for each 45-degree unit.

Turningframe 01 Turningframe 02