Flexlay Case Study

Overcoming deck constraints

A perfect marriage of careful planning and innovation


After a successful campaign on two projects in the Norwegian North Sea using the MDL horizontal lay spread, the client was keen to continue with the next stage of field development using the MDL system. The challenge? Four reels mobilised on a deck constrained by the positioning of the vessel crane and ancillary equipment.

MDL Solution

At 10m overall width and with the HPU built into the towers, the MDL Third-generation RDS proved the ideal solution. After conducting in-house engineering, MDL modelled its equipment on the vessel to ensure feasibility of the layout. A complete spread of the RDS, MDL tensioner mounted on the client's horizontal frame, and deck deflectors, was mobilised on board the vessel - together with 4 reels safely lined and cradled by the integrated MDL Track and Cradle System.


The project was safely executed, delivering notable efficiencies on the previous campaign in the field at a different deck layout. Having four reels on deck - as opposed to the previous setup of just 2 - eliminated unnecessary reel change outs, and the associated mob and demob times and costs. The success of the MDL solution was best proven in the return of the same spread to the field for the continuation of the tie-back campaign a year later.

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