The MDL HLS-200 is a portable horizontal lay system for the deployment and recovery of subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF).

The system allows for safe and efficient deployment of product from on-deck reel drive systems and carousels.

Operational Specification

Lay spread type
Portable Horizontal Lay System

17.9m x 8.0m x 10.9m (LxBxH)

80Te excluding tensioner

Work platform deck area

Work platform deck capacity

Work platform opening
2.9m/4.3m (widest)

Clearance between overboarding chute and support table

Product Handling Requirements

Maximum product tension
60Te (dynamic load)

Product diameter
50mm - 600mm OD

Overboarding chute radius

Max side load on tulip

Runway beams' capacity

Lifting Equipment

All items supplied with integrated lift points and swivel lift eyes.

System suitable for onshore lifts in accordance with DNV standards.

Power Requirements (HLS only)

3 phase, 440V (+earth), 60Hz

140amp supply

36kW HPU required

Assumed Conditions

Up to 100%

Marine/high salinity

Design temperature
Operational: -10ºC to +50ºC

Survival: -20ºC to +65ºC

Additional Information

A modular system that is road transportable for economical road/sea transport.

The main HLS structure combines a tensioner frame, overboarding chute, a moving work platform and centraliser tulip. The system also incorporates an inboard end termination support table or low tension chute and integrated runway beams for buoyancy installation/removal.

All operational areas of the HLS are accessible by ladders and walkways, complete with handrails.

The HLS integrates with MDL range of tensioners up to 60Te line pull.

E-stops are mounted at each end of the HLS base frame allowing for safe control of operations.

For alternative deck layouts, the system can be supplied with a dedicated 3.75m radius deflector, fixed on a frame foundation which can slide on a deck grillage via a hydraulic cylinder system.

A Samson Post can be provided c/w sheaves for direction change for lowering and recovery ends via an A&R winch system. There are further sheaves incorporated into the HLS for this purpose also.

60 Te HLS 1