January 2019

4-job campaign with TechnipFMC concluded

Maritime Developments has successfully completed a four-project North Sea campaign with TechnipFMC.

The work scopes on the jobs, which took place throughout 2018, included installation and retrieval of umbilicals, jumpers, risers and flowlines.

In total 16 reels were handled and close to 40km of product was installed from three different vessels, using two different MDL reel drive systems and 4-track tensioners from MDL Offshore Service’s flexlay equipment range.

Among the projects was a major riser installation, which followed on from a previous MDL scope in 2016. This programme also saw the return of the MDL third-generation 350Te RDS and 50Te tensioner, exactly three years after they were used on the original projects.

Two of other work scopes that were performed off the same vessel involved a horizontal lay using the MDL tensioner, which was integrated into the client’s own HLS ramp. An MDL Reel Drive System was then integrated with the existing VLS onboard the vessel for a vertical installation.

Dave Gardiner, MDL BD & Commercial Manager, said:

“We worked closely with the four TechnipFMC project teams from an early stage to plan out how they would share the equipment across the three vessels. This approach ensured efficiencies were maximised without incurring any additional cost.

“Completing all projects safely and on budget was possible thanks to the expertise of our teams, both onshore and offshore, as well as the portability of our equipment and MDL sea-fastening solutions, which resulted in shorter mobilisation and minimal vessel idle time.”