March 2016

Portable spread creates new opportunities

With its fully modular systems, easy sea-fastening and Plug & Play functionality, the portable MDL Spread has become the single solution needed for a variety of offshore flex-lay projects and vessel types.

Consisting of a portable vertical lay system (PVLS), with MDL patented 4-track tensioner, third-generation reel drive system (RDS) and deck radius controlling equipment, the spread can be installed on any vessel of opportunity to turn it into a pipelaying solution, for the duration of the project.

Once complete, the systems can be easily demobilised and reinstalled on another vessel for a different job – which means better fleet utilisation and more global opportunities within the operator’s reach.

This flexibility of use is achieved thanks to the modular design of MDL equipment, which allows all of its systems to be transported by road, and to meet the product reels at their home ports – including the company’s unique vertical lay system.

The PVLS is the only truly road-transportable vertical lay system on the market, and can be reassembled in a three-day operation.

The vertical orientation of the tower lends itself to a compact layout allowing more mission equipment to be carried on deck; all the ancillary equipment is pre-installed on the system before being lifted onto the vessel, which allows for quick mobilisation and demobilisation once the project is complete.

The system can be mounted over a moonpool or over the side of the vessel, which often increases the weather operational window.

Additionally, the efficient layout of the tower allows direct access to the ring line – all of this contributing to reducing mission time.

Further savings are delivered by the MDL tensioner, which can open two tracks when in vertical, presenting an unparalleled opening during product retrieval or abandonment.

This versatile tensioner can also be utilised on other flex-lay projects outwith the PVLS, operating in either horizontal mode or on an incline.

Complementing the spread is the company’s third-generation RDS, powered by a built-in powerpack.

Supplied with tracks with integrated reel cradles and reel rigging pad eyes, this system eliminates the need for the product reels to be sea fastened to the deck, which significantly reduces vessel downtime during mobilisation and demobilisation operations.

Since the successful conclusion of the MDL Spread’s first project, the company has developed a range of variations to the original concept, taking into account different requirements for line pull, water depth and specific region demands to suit its global client base.

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