350Te Reel Drive System

The MRDS-350-150 Series Reel Drive System is a modular reel drive for the installation or recovery of flexibles, cables, umbilicals, wire rope or steel pipe products.


Reel drive tower (each)
8m x 2.12m x 8.27m (LxBxH) assembled
Weight – 65Te / 52.3Te (without tracks)

9m track section (each)
9m x 2.44m x 0.49m
Weight – 12.7Te (each)
Pup pieces required between 9m tracks for multiple 9.3m and 10.6m reels

Integrated cradles suitable for
10.6m reels, 9.2m reels, 8.6m reels

Electro-hydraulic power pack (HPU)
75kW, integrated wireless walkabout box supplied as standard for control


Maximum reel weight
350Te (210Te on an individual tower assuming 60:40 weight split)

Maximum reel diameter

Minimum reel diameter

Maximum torque

Max hub rotation speed
1.0 rev/min at 37.5Te/m (high speed/low torque)
0.5 rev/min at 75Te/m (low speed/high torque)

Maximum line pull on 10.6m reel
14.1Te at outer flange

Design Appraisal

Design appraised in accordance with DNV standards

Assumed Conditions


Marine/high salinity

Additional Information

The system is suitable for reel diameters 10.6m (35ft) and below with combined reel + product weight of 350Te.

  • Hubs driven by hydraulic motor/brake/gearbox drive assemblies with failsafe closed brakes.
  • Track system option, so the towers can move between reels.
  • Automated walking system to reduce downtime when moving between reels.
  • Tracks supplied with integrated cradles to suit 35ft reels:

10.6m reels, 9.2m reels, 8.6m reels

  • The raising and lowering of reels is automated to reduce working at height requirements.
  • ESD system for local and remote use.
  • The unit is supplied with built-in electro-hydraulic powerpack.
  • Ability to interface with other Maritime Developments’ equipment, such as tensioners.
  • Road transportable or can be shipped by standard methods.
  • Supplied with quick connect/disconnect hoses.
Mdl 350 01 Mdl Rds350 01