May 2021

A look inside AME

A turnkey package for equipment life extension requires a broad skillset, backed up by experience...

In this vlog, MDL BD Manager for Asset Maintenance & Engineering James Farquhar explains how MDL's in-house skillset gives asset managers that "comfort feeling" ahead of equipment maintenance scopes.

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"Where MDL certainly differentiates in the marketplace is with the multi-disciplined personnel within the business. We have a good, strong mix of software, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical personnel. Certainly, each member of staff that we send offshore has got a minimum of two of those disciplines, meaning that we can do the job in a more efficient manner and deliver within schedule.

"The business, as a whole, has an extensive range of experienced specialist services. What I mean by specialist services is that we’ve supplied packages in the past that have integrated with other manufacturers' equipment, so we can take complicated systems, and do upgrades on them - be it control system upgrades or fire pump system upgrades - all involved with automation.

"We’ve got very experienced hydraulic technicians within MDL, who have worked extensively on Reel Drive Systems [and] the installation of Reel Drive Systems and associated kit means they’ve delivered pipework installations, they’ve done flushing, condition monitoring - and all those services can be extended out to a wider client base.

"It’s like the turnkey package, where you’ve got software, electrical support, hydraulic support, mechanical support for a whole turnkey operation.

"Moving forward we’ll be looking to continue to develop in the Oil & Gas sector, with Oil & Gas operators on platforms, as well as supporting the MMSCs and drilling contractors. We already work on FPSOs but there’s a great opportunity to extend our services on FSPOs.

"We’re [also] already venturing well into the renewables market, and there’s great opportunities in industrial and energy as well.

"MDL have a very strong record and are very respected, especially with back-deck equipment, so there will be an easy transition to move into other areas with the knowledge we have on board, and the client being totally comfortable with MDL as a company."