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Lay Alignment Tool

Solution to human operator fatigue with long cable lengths


A client was looking for a way to improve the safety of long-length flexible installations by minimising potential for human error associated with handling long lengths of flexibles. They approached MDL to identify a way of automating the manual process of monitoring and controlling the line speed of the product between installation reels and the lay tensioner.

MDL Solution

Using its extensive expertise in lay operations, MDL developed the simple yet hugely effective Lay Alignment Tool. Positioned in front of the reel(s) in the direction of the lay, the system automatically detects the speed of the pay out from the reel drive system. The actuated arm raises or lowers accordingly to maintain the optimum product MBR before it is fed into the tensioner. Secured with a single pin to the bracket tool assembly, the arm can pivot out of the firing line to facilitate acceptance of the line.

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