November 2023

Harnessing the sporting talents of tomorrow

“Start them young” the saying goes – and every parent knows that blending passion with prospects is much easier when their offspring find a healthy hobby they truly enjoy.

At MDL we are pleased to report our local youth are bursting with enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits and active pastimes.

We know this, as we have been helping our local schools in developing these passions by sponsoring football strips and netball outfits for the aspiring sports stars of our communities.

A stellar performance is the cherry on top of a community fundraiser; we cannot deny a hint of pride at seeing the Banks O’Dee Albion Under 13s raise the Scottish Youth Football Association’s North Region Cup at the end of the 22/23 season.

One initiative particularly close to our hearts was a 3-day sailing event by Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust in which 80 youngsters from Dales Park Primary School took part. The children in primary 3 and 4, enjoyed learning seamanship skills at Peterhead Sailing Club – and judging by their smiles, they may be pursuing offshore careers before long!

But wherever their aspirations end up taking them, we're standing behind our youth (they are the future, after all!)