June 2022

MDL AME completes FSU winch intervention

Maritime Developments Asset Maintenance & Engineering division has completed a spooling gear change out on-board a North Sea Floating Storage unit.

The project set out to rectify a scroll gear bogie that was not running true. MDL replaced the bogie channel rail tracks and runners, returning the bogie to its normal operating condition.

In conjunction with the maintenance carried out, MDL was requested to perform a survey of the coating and corrosion condition for a fabric maintenance campaign, as well as additional surveys for validating further maintenance requirements and the corresponding method for performing each works.

MDL Senior Project Engineer and Mechanical Technician travelled to the North Sea asset to perform the inspection and carry out corrective works. This was performed between the FSU’s scheduled offloading schedule.

As a result, the winch has been returned to service and the client has the required information to assess the project’s next steps.

The additional survey covered a range of hydraulic elements, including: hydraulic ram survey for change out; brakes inspection; hose and pipework assessment and corrective maintenance on the control station.

Site specification of replacement components was made, along with photologs, method statements and site requirements for exchange.

To complete the work package, MDL provided the client with detailed survey notes, together with a summary of recommendations for remedial works to maximise the service life of the system components.