January 2021

AME completes platform crane winch changeout

MDL AME division has completed the change out of a boom hoist winch for a North Sea Operator’s fixed platform crane.

The project was a result of a prior inspection and up-front survey of the crane and asset by MDL in-house engineering team, tasked to model different scenarios to ensure continued safe operations on the client’s platform. The client identified the winch replacement as the most efficient approach to safely extending the crane’s working life.

MDL Asset Maintenance & Engineering team returned to the office and engineered the technical documentation deliverables. This included storyboard method statements, lift plans, offshore implementation work pack, commissioning, load testing and wire rope change-out procedures. The scope included the delivery of the new winch and spare parts, where MDL teams could carry out a complete interface and dimensional survey of the components to de-risk the offshore scope of work.

The MDL team carried out various pre-job briefings and site familiarisations before executing the change-out on the platform with a temporary crane, as well as all tooling, rigging and load testing equipment following the replacement.

The newly launched MDL Asset Maintenance & Engineering (AME) division is focused on safely extending the life of equipment on offshore assets, including platforms and FPSOs.

Using MDL in-house skillset, the division provides complete Project Management and Engineering on projects, both on and offshore; maintenance and integrity services on cranes and lifting equipment; overhauling and manufacturing services on mechanical handling equipment; as well as maintenance and development of hydraulic systems, electrical systems and control systems.

Ian Alexander, MDL Senior Project Engineer, said:

“As the Project Manager designated to this scope, I was able to intimately plan and engineer a lean solution for the winch change-out through the use of a temporary crane. This was a proven solution and ensured minimal downtime for the platform’s only crane to get the asset returned to service within 2 weeks of mobilising on board.

“This project demonstrated our team’s collaborative approach with our customers, keeping their requirements at the forefront of our minds.

“We were able to further add value when we identified a historical functional control system issue on the crane, and resolved it prior to demobbing and safely closing out the client’s MOC.

“Our project lessons learnt review cycle was then used to gather all feedback from our client’s technical teams, which is then returned to our engineering office, and incorporated into work packs to optimise future campaign work. This loop has already been completed for this asset, and we look forward to returning in the near future to continue this successful relationship.”