October 2023

DOF helps boost Med production with MDL

MDL has supported DOF in a SURF installation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

An MDL portable spread was deployed onboard the Skandi Acergy to install 3 electrical umbilicals c. 98mm diameter from three 8.2m reels.

The cables were installed from the central gathering manifold area out to existing drill centres, with a goal of boosting production from the offshore gas field.

The lay spread consisted of an MDL Horizontal Lay System (HLS), enabled with a 4-track 50Te tensioner and a Generation 2 Reel Drive System complete with an MDL track system to support the client’s cradles.

The MDL HLS had remained on the vessel from a previous project in Australia and was met by the RDS and field service personnel in the mobilisation port in Cyprus, optimising the execution schedule.

Euan Crichton, MDL Project Manager, said:

“This is yet another global project completed with DOF which stands testament to the benefits of a close working relationship and open communications between the project teams.

“This scope came straight off the back of the mission in Australia, which meant it benefitted from reduced mobilisation costs, thanks to the key enabling asset – the HLS – being already installed on-board, as well as a proven deck layout and equipment sea-fastening design.

“Regardless of where we are in the world – or where the next project is located - we always seek to find efficiencies in optimising client schedules with available asset and existing data. This tailored approach is made possible by open dialogue between ourselves and the client who seek to maximise the value for their client – just like DOF are.

“We look forward to continuing our support to them in the various locations globally as we venture into new energy markets in the future.”