July 2023

Preserving flexibles with transpooling solution

MDL has helped extend the life of a pair of umbilicals by executing a tricky transpooling scope.

The flexibles had been stored on deteriorated reels, presenting a high risk of structural failure which could lead to the product becoming compromised.

MDL carried out a turnkey transpooling operation to safely relocate the umbilicals onto a new set of reels. The package of support covered complete Project Management & Engineering, including design of site layout, transpooling procedures and risk assessments, lifting drawings and handling drawings for the compromised reels and safe disposal with release note; as well as provision of the handling equipment and expert personnel to carry out the operations.

The transpooled product was then put into secure storage at MDL’s quayside facility in Peterhead, Scotland.

Sarah Purvin, Project Manager at MDL, said:

“The biggest challenge around this scope was the handling of the old reels – not just during the transpooling, but at all times before and after execution. We knew we had to minimise lifting and use a spooling solution that would put minimum strain on the reels.

“This project adds to our rich transpooling track record, which includes other disposal and product preservation projects, across the UK and overseas. It is another service drawing from MDL’s two-decade expertise in flexible handling and Project Management and Engineering.

“We are glad to be able to add value to clients both on and offshore, by tailoring a cost-effective solution to their specific challenges and helping them protect their valuable assets.”