March 2018

Disposing of hidden costs

In the pursuit of reaching the fabled “30% cost reduction”, it’s easy to lose track of smaller expenses that add up – but MDL steps in to help.

With a suite of equipment known for its versatility on- and offshore, the MDL portfolio helps clients reduce or eliminate their monthly costs which they might not even realise they have.

That’s what MDL has recently done on two separate transpooling projects for a UK client, looking to release product reels from costly third-party hire, and to free up quayside space.

The first work scope included disposal of a 10-inch flexible riser, on location at a port in southern Scotland.

As part of the project MDL took care of complete project management, including risk assessment and documentation control.

Afterwards, MDL undertook transpooling and storage of three flexible risers, using its reel drive system, installation reels and ancillary equipment.

It has also taken care of the transport of risers to MDL’s North Base storage facility in Peterhead, and the return of the reels to the manufacturer.

The excellent location of MDL facilities in Peterhead enables the company to offer easily-accessible storage services to its clients: products can be stored safely under continuous surveillance, and can be quickly deployed if and when required.

With a range of in-house specialist services, MDL’s yard facility also provides asset support, maintenance and repairs that can be tied-in with the scrappage and storage services – turning unnecessary costs into an opportunity.