May 2022

MDL RDS completes Angola TCP and flexibles installation

MDL has deployed its Generation 3 Reel Drive System on a multi-product installation offshore Angola.

The lay scope consisted of 8 reels in total of Strohm and NOV products – 10” production jumper and 7” water injection jumper – varying in size from 9.2m to 11.4m diameter.

The installation was performed using MDL’s Generation 3 RDS, shipped to Angola from its storage location in Ghana. Provision of the system locally enabled reduction of carbon footprint on the mission, otherwise associated with transiting equipment from Europe – a key driver for all stakeholders on this project.

Additionally, MDL engineering had delivered sea-fastening design for the RDS to mobilise it on board the Normand Energy – optimised thanks to the MDL Integrated Track & Cradle System.

The cradles are supplied with boltable inserts to accommodate various diameter reels, as was the case on this project - eliminating the requirement to weld the reel cradles to the deck for multiple reels.

Michael Blease-Shepley, MDL VP Sales, said:

“I’m pleased to see this project successfully completed and the RDS delivering on its expected efficiencies in handling multiple reels of different diameter.

“The compact footprint and highly integrated design make it an extremely efficient enabler for smaller, independent scopes, using locally-available tonnage – helping bring fields online without the headache of bringing in a specialised lay vessel. As was the case on this project, our engineering team is on hand to assist with the necessary deck layout and sea-fastening design for further efficiencies and peace of mind.”

The MDL Generation 3 RDS comes with a grillage and integrated cradle system which eliminates the requirement for welding down cradles or cutting off the sea-fastening during the demobilisation - significantly reducing time and therefore costs on multi-reel projects.