April 2023

MDL fast-tracks SURF facility support

MDL has provided a tailored transpooling package for a SURF manufacturing facility in North East of England.

The MDL Generation 2 Reel Drive System was used for the handling of over 30km of umbilical, from storage carousel onto 11.4m OD installation reels, ahead of offshore deployment.

The challenge with the scope was the requirement to load out the first reel onto a low-loader following the transpooling, and then replace it with the next empty reel in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

To avoid dismantling and re-building a spooling solution on site in between the reels, MDL recommended its Generation 2 RDS with a multi-reel track system that enabled the reel drive towers to skid fully clear of the completed reel, leaving convenient room for reel load-out operations with a Jumbo Reel Carrier.

Paul Marshall, Senior Project Engineer at MDL, said:

“This was a fast-track delivery, with the equipment loadout taking place only 1 week after the scope was confirmed.

“This was not our first time delivering a transpooling solution to the client’s facility, so we could get a head-start on the logistics, site layout and some of the procedures.

“I’d like to believe that these repeat scopes reflect the client’s confidence in the MDL package: not just the equipment, but also the personnel on site and the team in the office that provide support at any stage of a project – particularly important on fast-tracked scopes.”

MDL continues to grow its transpooling track record, which covers SURF, coiled tubing, polyester lines and SSWR, executed in global locations, and encompassing complete Project Management & Engineering, provision of transpooling equipment and personnel, as well as long-term storage and preservation services.