November 2019

Marine Services concludes Spirit flexible transpooling

MDL Marine Services has successfully completed tranpooling of a flexible product for an independent UK exploration and production company, Spirit Energy.

The project was managed by MDL Project Engineering Team and entailed relocating the client’s product stored on a third-party storage reel from Denmark to MDL base in Peterhead, using MDL’s Reel Drive System, and onto an MDL-owned 8.6m installation reel.

Once set up and positioned in MDL’s yard, the team were supplemented by expert MDL Offshore Service team to transpool over 300m of product onto a newly-refurbished reel for storage.

The complete execution included detailed method statement, storyboard drawings and the full MDL equipment spread in order to safely execute the transpooling over a 4-day period. Project efficiencies were maximised through using MDL RDS 400-02 as well as an MDL deck deflector.

The transpooling operation provided the client with further cost efficiencies in storage and readiness for mobilisation, should the product be required for deployment in Spirit Energy’s North Sea field.

Steve Morrison, MDL Project Engineering Manager, said:

“This project further exemplifies the strong MDL team, as it required arranging loadout, transport and logistics of the 90Te reel with our client’s water injection riser from Denmark, overseen by an experienced MDL Supervisor following a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment session with the project teams.

“During this phase, the Project and Design Engineering teams were able to design reel modifications for the specific product, the reel and cradle refurbishment, prepare method statements for the transpooling, as well as detailed storyboard drawings and lifting plans to support the execution.

“All of this was then pulled together for a job briefing with our highly skilled offshore resource team who safely executed the transpooling in a 4-day incident-free turnaround. The team were supported full time on site by a Project Engineering representative. This provided invaluable experience to our engineering team, who also performed site Management of Change and recorded all lessons learnt for future projects.”

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