January 2015

Bespoke tensioner boosts Maritime Developments’ Flexlay equipment fleet

Maritime Developments has added its bespoke 50-tonne 4-track pipelay tensioner to its internal equipment range, ready to take up projects from the start of 2015.

The latest addition to the company’s suit of back-deck equipment for hire complements a 400-tonne reel drive system (RDS) as well as a range of winches, electro-hydraulic power units and ancillary products already available for hire.

Thanks to its innovative design, the 4-track tensioner can be used vertically, horizontally or on a ramp.

Unlike existing equipment on the market, the Maritime Developments’ design allows for two of the tensioner’s tracks to open to load or unload the product (pipe) when in vertical mode.

Combined with the cylinder shell package and failsafe hydraulic cylinders and accumulators built onto the track, the solution minimises the likelihood of damage to the product during operation; while the flexible design, allowing for it to operate in both 2- and 4-track modes and changeable positions for horizontal, vertical or tilted operation make it a universal and long-term solution for SURF product operators.

The company secured a patent for the design in July 2014. To date, two 50Te units have been delivered to major energy clients since the product’s launch in May 2013.

The systems have been used in international projects, including the North Sea and Asia-Pacific.

Mike Gaskin, commercial director for Maritime Developments, said:

“The 4-track tensioner is one of the key products in our equipment range and is bound to drive the business forward, as this latest 50Te tensioner is now available for hire.

“The delivery of this product was a stepping stone to developing our vertical lay system, which will complete our full suite of back-deck equipment.

“Together with our range of reel drive systems and winches, Maritime Developments offers the complete back-deck package for installation and retrieval of SURF products, both for sale or rent.”