May 2015

Final winch order ready for early pickup

The last remaining set of a 40-winch order by an industry major has been wrapped up for shipping, long before its due date.

The package of 10 winches, ranging between 5-tonne and 40-tonne specifications, has been the fourth and final delivery for the same international client.

Each of the sets also include a 10-tonne overbender tensioner (OBT), with three already shipped to the client and the final one expected for delivery later this year.

All of the products feature electrical drives and are supplied with an electric power unit (EPU). They can be operated in either manual, constant tension or render mode and integrate with the vessel’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

The initial order of 10 winches and an OBT in 2012 was followed by a combined order of 30 units plus three OBTs, scheduled for three separate instalments by the end of 2015.

But with improved workflows resulting from multiple deliveries, the project teams were able to complete the three projects before their due date, with the last order ready for shipment well ahead of schedule.

The units will be used for product handling at a number of locations around new pipelay support vessels (PLSV) offshore Brazil, with first projects scheduled for next year.

“We are delighted to announce the successful delivery of this major winch order well ahead of time,” said George Mackintosh, operations director at Maritime Developments.

“The project demonstrates the capability and expertise of our team at Maritime Developments to not only manage significant projects for leading industry players, but to exceed clients’ expectations by delivering equipment ahead of time, on budget and working ‘out of the box’ first time.”