October 2023

Bring in the Experts

Challenges surge and recede in the energy industry. How do you make sure you continue to grow regardless of the market conditions?

With activity accelerating around the globe, the usual challenges re-emerge...

People are in short supply, particularly people with precise, specialist expertise.

Lead times on equipment have started to stretch and the pool of available vessels is rapidly depleting.

In times like this, ambitious players have to apply alternative thinking. How can they perform a scope within the optimal schedule and allocated budget, when all the traditional routes are unavailable due to existing commitments and extended scopes?

MDL is here to help. After all, our mission is “to be the global leader in the delivery of alternative engineering solutions, which are inspired by creativity, driven by people and add value by solving challenges faced by our customers”.

Our track record in agile project management and engineering of flex lay and retrieval packages tailored to individual scopes, combined with the quality and reliability of our market-leading equipment, is what drives consistent project success for constrained clients.

The essence is to pull together specialist knowledge, proven technology and locally available resources to deliver a safe and efficient enabler, optimised for the scope at hand - allowing the project to go ahead, on time and on budget.

Let’s dive in.

Access to expertise

A major decision factor in using MDL expertise is that it de-risks the project.

While there are many potential impacts on a project that are out of anyone’s control (for example, change in weather and sea-state conditions) there is also an array of factors that can be controlled, such as: the speed of operation; the idle time it takes to mobilise the vessel or change out parts for different product diameters; downtime from equipment malfunction during critical operations; delays caused by manual handling.

As forward-thinking equipment providers, our failsafe way of helping you mitigate such “controllable risks” is by providing you with the tools that are reliable, well maintained, fully automated and super-efficient to mobilise.

It’s also the greener solution. By converting vessels that you have direct access to (whether in your own fleet or from the domestic market) for specific scopes using our portable equipment and expertise, it is smart repurposing of existing resources without the extra burden of overseas transit.

While our equipment range sets the market standard for innovative design, technical performance, reliability and capability, it is our Project Management & Engineering (PM&E) skillset that helps you identify the best approach to each individual scope or to fuel your growth strategy. Their expertise comes from over 20 years of challenging the “this is how it’s always been done” mentality to do more with less, for long-lasting rewards and maximum pain avoidance.

The One Team MDL factor seeing our clients’ projects delivered successfully right to the demob of the final nut and bolt is our field service team, who consistently score “Outstanding” in client feedback on their work ethic, can-do attitude, team-work and knowledge sharing. Just read some of the feedback at the end of this blog.

A case in point: Brazil

On this project in the Campos Basin we assisted Trident Energy with the relocation of two flowlines and the installation of an umbilical in the Marimba field.

The scope covered disconnecting of production and gas lift flowlines from an existing tree, recovery to surface for the installation and testing of a vertical connection module, and then connection to the new subsea tree, alongside a new subsea control umbilical.

The Operator’s challenge was access to a pipelayer – specifically, lack of – to execute the tieback within the planned schedule.

We worked closely with them to identify a fully portable solution, packaged is such a way as to optimise the various handling operations.

Besides providing a complete flex-lay spread that enabled Trident’s own sourced vessel, we also supported their in-house project management team with our design and engineering expertise, from deck planning and product handling insights, to issuing drawings for integration parts to be fabricated locally in Brazil, and reducing the costs of logistics from UK and return.

This allowed us to add value to the client at different stages, with our in-house design and manufacture capability, portable, safe and super-efficient equipment and vast flex-lay experience.

Safe hands

We are helping open-minded and ambitious companies worldwide to act nimbly and grasp the opportunities by doing things differently, as the above case study shows. Another example comes also from Brazil and our growing track record with PRIO which started on our home turf.

The initial requirement from the Independent Operator was an inspection of a reel with product destined for an imminent deployment offshore Brazil; the product had been stored in Scotland on its original reel and the survey was required to determine its condition.

MDL inspection identified that the structure of the reel and pallets were compromised and unsuitable for offshore use, while the product had slackened. To ensure the product was ready for installation, we provided a turnkey PM&E package to transpool the umbilicals onto an installation reel which would be suitable for offshore deployment.

Our support to PRIO progressed offshore Brazil, where we supplied a complete flex-lay spread with associated engineering services pre- and post-mission, to execute the field redevelopment scope. And while that project is now complete (you can read on it here), our work with PRIO continues…

With experience of delivering marine services since 1999 and a global portfolio of flex lay projects, we have the mileage and the know-how to bring your mission home successfully - wherever you are in the world, and whatever assets you have at your direct disposal.

When time is tight, you face an engineering challenge and performance is important, choose the right people for the job. Bring in the experts and put your project in safe hands.

Here are some of the comments from our clients: